Mercury Retrograde, October 21 – November 10, 2013


The pre-retrograde period has already begun. Mercury will soon be going into retrograde mode on October 21, 2013 and will remain in this position till November 10, 2013. Have you started feeling the effects of Mercury’s retrograde position already? Don’t be surprised if the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’. Mercury rules communication, expression, feelings and emotions. Astrologically, the retrograde phase or the backward movement of Mercury is known to cause delays and misunderstandings.

What to avoid when Mercury is in retrograde position?

During Mercury Retrograde avoid signing any documents as chances of running into trouble as a result are high. If you need to, read the fine print carefully. Re-read documents as many times as required just to be on the safer side.

Do not be inaccessible – if you don’t check your messages or your emails, you may miss out on important opportunities that come your way during this cosmic period. Blaming your luck later on will not help. Avoid feelings of frustration by staying alert.

Express yourself clearly – Avoid tense situations with someone close to you by saying exactly what you mean. Unclear communication can land you in big trouble. Mercury has the power to wreak havoc in your love life. Problems are likely when you end up saying what you didn’t mean. Your girlfriend may have a hard time believing you again. Misunderstandings can be avoided by not getting into unnecessary debates and discussions.

As per astrology, when Mercury is in Retrograde mode, planning for the future is recommended. Plan well but don’t act on these ideas now. You will itch to try these creative ideas but wait for a favorable time. Act on your ideas once this retrograde ends. Things will get sorted by November 11 and you will feel good about your life once again.


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